5 Things Every Mechanical Student Should Know Before Appearing for IT Interviews

5 Things Every Mechanical/Civil/ Electrical/Chemical Student Should Know Before Appearing for IT Interviews

Many of my friends are in the final year of their mechanical engineering. What I have been hearing is that there are very less core field companies for
mechanical students. Students have also expressed that these core companies require really high aggregates (65% -70%) with a good number of internships. In such a scenario, it becomes very difficult for intelligent but average students to get into these core companies.
In such a competitive scenario, you must think of the backup options that you can choose from.You can either go for management profiles, IT sector, teaching jobs, BPOs(least recommended) and many others.
The second best option left with the mechanical engineering students is IT companies. The number of IT companies coming for recruitments in Engineering
colleges is huge. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for engineering students to get into IT companies.
The Multi-National Corporations such as Infosys, Cognizant, HCL, Accenture, TCS recruit around 100+ students per college ever season since they have a very high requirement. Therefore, these companies offer a huge opportunity for mechanical engineering students.
These MNCs love students from mechanical engineering background though IT/CS students are their first preference. The problem with the mechanical students is that they are not updated with the technology which keeps them behind their IT/CS counterparts in getting selected for these companies.
5 Things Every Mechanical Student Should Know Before Appearing for IT Interviews
5 Things Every Mechanical Student Should Know Before Appearing for IT Interviews

Here we shall help you with the things that mechanical engineering students should know before appearing for IT interviews on campus.

1. Soft Skills
Believe it or not, the MNCs focus too much on soft skills of the candidates appearing for interviews. Their recruitment process includesGroup Discussion, Telephonic Conversation, Email Writing and some even take Essay Writing.It is, therefore, important that you should be well-versed with your soft skills and especially yourEnglish speaking skills.
These companies want the candidates to know how to interact with a client and talk to them efficiently to generate business. Therefore, youmust improve your English speaking skillsbefore you appear for these companies. Believe me, if you’re good in English, there are 50% chances of you getting through the interview process. For girls, this is an advantage.
2. Aptitude and Logical Reasoning Ability
Being an engineer, every company expects that you should be good in logical reasoning, aptitude and analytical skills. The aptitude test is probably the first
parameter on which a company judges you and it is the first filtering round.
There are 700+ students appearing for such MNCs at any given point of time. Hence, these companies need to filter out the candidates.
You must focus on improving your logical reasoning and aptitude skills. For basics, a Quantitative Book by R.S. Aggarwal is sufficient. It is more than enough to get through most of the interviews.
3. C Programming
Every IT company requires that the interviewees should know at least at least one programming language. The C Programming language is the first choice for every programmer as it is easy to learn and is also in the curriculum of every college. You should be well versed with the concepts of C programming language perfectly. All you need is few websites and a few books to get good in this programming language.
Recommended Websites:
Recommended Books:
1. ANSI C – E. Balagurusamy
2. Let Us C – Yashwant Kanetkar
These websites will help you to understand C programming and offer various programming codes for free. The books mentioned above are available in every college library. You must refer at least one of them, if not both.
4. Company Research
It is important that you do aresearch about the company before you appear for an interview.很多时候,候选人不知道的有限公司mpany does and what are their businesses. It is important to know who their CEO is, what products does the company sell, and much more such details. You can easily get
all these details on the company website and Wikipedia.
The interviewers have two favourite questions:
1. What do you know about our company?
2. Why do you want to join our company?
If you do a proper research about the company, it will help you to formulate answers to the above two questions in a way that will showcase your interest to
the interviewer in joining the company. It will also help you to decide which company is suitable for you and which is not.
5. Java Programming
Although it is difficult for mechanical engineers to study different programming languages, but Java is really important. Java is in high demand. People with
Java skills are the highest paid employees in MNCs. Java language is the base for many high-end technologies.
If you are good with C programming language, then learning Java is not a big deal. Being a mechanical engineer, the advantage is that the company does not expect
you to be a very good programmer. You just need to know the basics.
One week is more than enough to know the basics of Java programming language. You should be able to solve some basic codes in Java which are frequently asked in
interviews. Here are some books that you should follow. These books will be available in your libraries.
1. Core Java – Rashmi Kanta Das
2. Let Us Java – Yashwant Kanetkar
Apart from the above-mentioned things, you must know about your own core stream too. I believe that these things mentioned above will help you to ace any IT
interview on campus. IT jobs are a very good option after core field jobs for mechanical students. There is a tremendous scope of growth in IT sector.
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